Youth Bureau awards grant to OCO youth programs | Community Giving

FULTON – Oswego Count Opportunities PATH Youth and YES! The Youth Emergency Services programs will enjoy a healthier and more active winter thanks to a small grant from the Oswego/County Youth Office and the New York Office of Children and Family Services.

The mini-scholarship provides a full one-year membership to the Fulton Family YMCA. Membership includes four passes to use simultaneously for all youth entering OCO’s YES! or PATH programs.

Membership provides access to all Fulton YMCA facilities including the pool, fitness center, weight room and gym. In addition, young people will be able to participate in group exercise classes and special programs for Y.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to request funds to purchase YMCA membership,” said Philip Lamb, director of the OCO Homeless Services Program. “We are excited to receive this scholarship and to be able to offer a variety of health and wellness activities to our youth.”

“Physical exercise and participating in healthy activities can be a great treatment for the stress, depression and anxiety many of our young people face every day,” Lamb continued. “Whether it’s lifting weights or using cardio equipment at the fitness center, playing basketball at the gym, running, swimming, or participating in one of the group fitness classes at Fulton YMCA, there are a variety of outlets for young people to explore This will help promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce risky behaviours.”

“We have up to 20 young people on any given day who can benefit from the permits,” added OCO Homeless Services Coordinator Jill Brzuszkiewicz. “Our youth are excited and eager to take advantage of the permits and we anticipate increased use as the weather continues to change.”

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