TN seeks Centre’s intervention for launch of degree on diabetology, nutrition and metabolism

Tamil Nadu on Sunday asked the center to allow the start of a new course on diabetes, nutrition and metabolism which aims to increase the number of professional healthcare providers in the country.

In his letter to Federal Health Minister Mansukh L Mandavia, Minister of Medicine and Family Welfare Ma Subramanian said that diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that significantly contributes to health spending by both the government and the individual.

Subramanian said in his letter that the prevalence of diabetes in India came after only China with a prevalence of 7.7 crore in addition to 7.5 crore people diagnosed with prediabetes.

”If urgent preventive measures are not taken, most pre-diabetes patients will rapidly progress to overt diabetes, thus increasing the burden on the state. In Tamil Nadu, the prevalence of diabetes was around 10.4 percent”.

He said that in the past, state and central governments focused on early detection and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes in their health policies.

” Starting an MD (Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism) course will increase the number of professional healthcare providers available in this specialty. This will assist in the successful implementation of the state and central government policy to establish diabetes care units in state and country health care centers.

Subramanian said the move would also lead to the establishment of a diabetes care unit in all district hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

Referring to the two-year full-time Diploma in Diabetes course offered at the Institute of Diabetes at Madras Medical College since 1986, he said that Tamil Nadu was the first state in the country to launch this course which was approved by the Medical Council of India.

He said that the creation of a new MD course (Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism) will help in converting the already recognized MCI Diploma in Diabetology seats into degree seats which will help in establishing a greater number of teaching faculties.

”We propose and request the National Medical Committee to include the titles of the Doctor of Medicine degree course (Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism) in the NMC schedule, enabling us to upgrade the Diploma in Diabetes seats to MD degree seats and also start this course in other institutions in Tamil Nadu.

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