The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

With all the shipping-related delays happening this year, we thought it would be wise to compile our 2021 holiday guide a little earlier than usual.

And to make sure you have something for every golfer on your list this year, here’s a gift for every person and budget imaginable:

Clothes and shoes gifts

Founded in 1857, FootJoy is one of the most established, reputable, and recognizable brands in golf. And over the years, FootJoy has become a staple at the feet of the world’s #1 golfers, whether they’re competing in the Ryder Cup or their home club championship.

In 2021 FootJoy debuted the all-new Premiere Series, inspired by golf shoes of the past but highly charged for the game today.

Built with the help of Justin Thomas and Max Homma, the Premiere Series features a classic design with premium waterproof leather and exquisite detailing, also complemented by the latest comfort and performance features, including the VersaTrax+ insole.

Stitch Golf is known for its premium headgear and golf bags, such as the SL1 and SL2.

Stitch applies its focus on premium products into everything it does, including clothing pieces, such as the Roma Polo, Sterling 5 Pocket Pant, Cabrio Quilted Vest, and Lifestyle Accessories, such as the Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB).

Fortunately, Stitch runs some crazy holiday promotions, like buy any layer piece, get a free polo or buy a UGB or Birdie bag, get a free layer piece. Stitch also runs great deals on all of their products, including 60% off Arnold Palmer cut.

Golf and club gifts

Golf balls are perhaps the perfect storage tool. Every golfer will appreciate it, especially when he sticks her close to a bird or a turn in that elusive eagle.

Titleist Pro V1 is the gold standard for golf balls. When balancing performance and manufacturing tolerances, the Pro V1 stood above the alternative.

Add to the fact that Titleist offers some performance balls, such as the Pro V1x, Pro V1x Left Dash, Pro V1 Left Dot and AVX, and there is something for every golfer.

This might be the perfect one-size-fits-all golf gift, as every golfer will be happy to receive Pro V1 scores this holiday season!

But if you need something else to help up your game, like a new driver or some new pegs, Club Champion is the ultimate solution. With over 85 locations across the United States, and More than 50000 combinationsClub Champion has the latest technology that will ensure you have the perfect club in your hand to score your best results.

And because Club Champion is able to outfit every club in a golfer’s bag, there’s no guessing if you’ve got the right club, which is why Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson all trust Club Champion to help them score less.

GPS devices, rangefinders, and other accessory gifts in the course

The modern golfer, whether he enjoys a casual or competitive round, has a variety of techniques available on the course.

No matter if you’re a GPS golfer or a Rangefinder, or just enjoy some music while you play, there are a variety of options from many vendors.

Bushnell Golf is the gold standard for on-track equipment. Their rangefinders, such as the Tour V5 Shift, can be found in many golfers’ bags on the PGA TOUR, LPGA and European Tour, and their GPS devices, such as the Phantom 2, provide accuracy on more than 38,000 courses worldwide.

Add to that the new Wingman Speaker that delivers some background music with GPS distances forward, center and back out of the green at the touch of a button.

Plus, the Precision Pro features one of the most powerful combinations of laser rangefinders in the game, all packed with features without paying an exorbitant price.

Despite being one of the smaller companies in the field of shot tracking, Shot Scope quickly became a leader. Without any membership or update fees, Shot Scope’s v3 provides seamless data collection and PGA TOUR level analytics for everything from driving distance to shots earned.

As a result, the Shot Scope can be the perfect device for golfers looking to find where they can improve their game and quickly shave a few shots straight from their handicap.

In the event that you can’t decide, and would rather cover all the bases, Garmin Golf offers a variety of high-powered products that can do just about everything.

Recently, Garmin released the Approach R10, a lightweight, portable golf release monitor that fits in the pocket of any golf bag and can help golfers improve their game at home, indoors, or on the driving range.

When setup, the R10 approach can provide golfers with many valuable data points – club head speed, club face angle, club trajectory angle, attack angle, ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, spindle axis, spin rate, crest height, factor smash, load distance, total distance, and swerve distance — or let them work on their game in the course simulation.

For golfers who want laser accuracy, but GPS advantages, Garmin has the Z82 approach. Arguably the most data-packed rangefinder on the market, the Approach Z82 equips golfers with a crystal clear OLED screen that delivers a distance of up to 450 yards from the laser rangefinder, along with a GPS top display of the hole you’re playing, including any The risks and obstacles you will face.

Finally, Garmin also offers several wearables in its Approach Lineup, which is made up of the S42, S12 and G12, providing golfers with accurate GPS distances on more than 42,000 preloaded courses. When combined with the Garmin Golf app and Approach CT10 sensors, Approach Lineup is also capable of score retention and shot tracking, allowing for advanced analytics analysis.

Golf Experience Gifts – Vacations & Lessons

Everyone loves to get away, especially golfers. After playing the local track again and again, it is a good idea to go to a foreign place and enjoy the new surroundings and test the game in a new track.

To help make sure everyone can enjoy Jewel of Lake LBJ, Horseshoe Bay offers some great deals for golfers and family vacationers alike, such as Unlimited RTJ Golf package that allows Unlimited Play One of the three world-class Horseshoe Bay courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr.

Conversely, if travel is not available at the moment, then winter is the perfect time to get away from the game and work with a reputable coach, like the coaches at any of GOLFTEC’s. 200 locations around the world, to help fix that chip or your short game issues to make sure you can walk out the gates in 2022 hot and ready to reduce handicap.

And to make sure you can get the most out of the next few weeks, GOLFTEC offers a variety of packages, such as the Holiday Lesson Package ($395), which includes a 60-90 minute swing assessment, club fitting, two 30-minute lessons, and two 30-minute practice sessions 1 minute, 3-month improvement package ($1,100), which includes a 60-90 minute swing assessment, club fitting, ten 30-minute lessons, and a 3-month training pass.

In addition, all golfers offer a 10% discount on any package or lesson plan.

Your golfer probably already has clubs and a coach that they would love to work with, I can almost assure you that they are still missing the last piece: fitness. Whether you’re interested in chasing more strength or building a body that’s more injury-resistant, golf fitness has recently become the most valuable piece of the puzzle for the modern golfer. Just ask Bryson.

Fortunately, no matter where you are in the world, Par4Success offers both in-person and online training programs. Both programs offer a personal training aspect, with online training including an introductory consultation and regular monthly meetings with your fitness trainer to discuss workouts and goals. Their programs are supported by their in-house research, developed by the fitness experts at Titleist Performance Institute and a golf-focused physical therapist.

This was my first full year of golf after starting with Par4Success, and my body has never felt more strong, energetic and confident on the golf course. With the help of sprints and coaching, Par4Success helped me find 300 yards and 180 yards 7 irons, setting our 2021 goal to reach a 120 mph drivers head speed!

Happy holiday and happy shopping!

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