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Seoul, South KoreaAnd December 15 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With the average adult in the US sitting about 10 hours a day, the MENFURS team argues that the majority of people fail to sit in proper posture, even though that’s important to their health. CoreFitBall Pro, the stable gym ball chair, aims to naturally bring about correct posture through the flexibility of the gym ball and the stable support of the stand. After the launch of CoreFitBall Pro on Kickstarter, November 25 2021Their product successfully raised the Kickstarter seed funding target of $10,000 In less than 14 days.

The CoreFitBall Pro features a heavy-duty sports ball that has even thickness throughout, a stability-based anti-twisting 4-component support structure, a creora® sports fabric cover, and an anti-slip silicone. All CoreFitBall Pro materials are environmentally friendly products which have passed the certification of US CPSC and European CE.

Promoting better postures and active muscles, the CoreFitBall Pro as a chair provides a solution for those who cannot break the vicious cycle of bad posture with regular chairs and fail to consistently use a traditional gym ball as a chair due to the high levels of instability and discomfort.

CoreFitBall Pro is designed to preserve the benefits of a traditional gym ball, offer additional unique benefits, and naturally enhance activity for users. Aside from correcting the posture, one of its primary benefits includes the ability to perform full-body exercises using it as exercise equipment. The CoreFitBall Pro Kickstarter campaign features an explainer video that was conducted by a professional fitness trainer to guide users through the different exercises they can perform with the product. These exercises have been customized and developed by the MENFURS team in collaboration with rehabilitation therapists and professional fitness trainers.

CoreFitBall Pro will be available starting from 109 bucks During the 37-day Indiegogo campaign until December 31, 2021. To learn more about the product, please visit its Kickstarter page.

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