Peloton Ups Brand Protection With Chris Noth Ad

For a company that was so popular during the height of the pandemic that customers were willing to wait a month or more to deliver one of its $1,500 bikes or treadmills, the past year has seen a series of challenges — and poor responses — cut the value of the Peloton by more than 70%. .

That downward trend looks set to continue this month after the brutal producer put on “And Just Like That,” the just-released sequel to the Sex and the City series, which featured a Peloton bike and the death of star character “Mr. Big,” played by Chris Noth. .

For a company facing product recalls and class action lawsuits after a real-life child died and 70 other users were infected, the renewed reminder — fictional or not — of a chapter Peloton has struggled so hard to put behind. potentially disastrous.

But unlike previous media and messaging responses, the Peloton Crisis Management team — aided by the marketing project of actor and CEO Ryan Reynolds — got to work, quickly turning the Peloton lemon moment into a commendable and hilarious service. Of the proverbial lemonade.

In short, and as such, (really, in less than 48 hours), the New York-based connected fitness company has managed to re-define a brand that will go down in history and be essential reading material in marketing classes for the coming years.

“He is alive”

Peloton triumphantly tweeted after his legendary “He’s Alive” announcement went viral: “If we can put this place together in 48 hours, you can do your workout today.”

Instead of dying, Noth was seen relaxing next to a fire with the same real-life Peloton trainer from the show who led what would be Mr. Page’s last workout.

“Oh, I feel great. Shall we take another round?” He doesn’t say, “Life is too short not to.”

This alone was a major hit, but perhaps the real genius came in the fact that Peloton goes on to say that using its exercise equipment is actually a contributing factor to one’s longevity, via a message relayed by Reynolds, who served as creative director. The narrator about the spot.

“As such, the world has been reminded that cycling regularly stimulates and improves the heart, lungs and circulation, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers your resting heart rate, and lowers blood lipid levels,” before concluding , “He is alive.”

So too is Peloton’s Brand Protection Division, which survived the fight one day, only with a little more dynamism in its stride than it’s felt in a while.


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