Nutritional Outlook’s 2021 Best of the Industry Award Winners

in a nutritional outlook This year’s Best of the Industry Award, we highlight four winners for their contributions in 2021.

The Industry Pioneer of 2021 Now, his testing of nutritional supplement products sold on showed how one supplement company could roll up their sleeves to try and improve the market situation. This is the second time nutritional outlook NOW has selected the winner of the Best of the Industry award. In 2011, we received a NOW Award for a quick fraud screening method that the company shared with the rest of the nutritional supplement industry. In 2011, the company set an example; 10 years later, she continues to drive.

2021’s Industry’s Best Ingredient Supplier is Seraphina Therapeutics for its pioneering work in Single Chain Fatty Acids and Pentadecanoic Acid. Serafina’s story shows how innovation never took a break, even in the most challenging of times.

In this year’s Provider category, we award the Vegetarian Adultery Prevention Program (BAPP). Five years ago, we also awarded BAPP in our Awards for Best in the Industry. This year BAPP celebrates its 10th foundingNS Anniversary to educate and warn the plant industry about ongoing cheating – a role that has become extra important during the past two years of the turbulent pandemic.

Finally, we celebrate Good Catch with the 2021 Best of the Industry Award for Best Retail Brand/Product. In the busy vegan alternatives market, Good Catch stands out as the leading vegan seafood.

Join us to congratulate the 2021 Best of Industry Awards winners. Read their stories and listen to the December episode of The Nutritional Outlook Podcast in which we take you beyond the page with one-on-one interviews with each of our award winners.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of nutritional outlook Industry Best Awards. We can’t wait to see what excellence the next 10 years bring thanks to you, companies and individuals committed to making the natural products industry bigger and better with each passing year.

Jennifer Gerbo
Editor in Chief

2021 Prize Winners:

Industry Leader: Now

Ingredient supplier: Seraphina Therapeutics

Service Provided: Vegetarian Adultery Prevention Program

Brand / Retail Product: Good Catch

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