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To the editor:

I commend Dr. Maclean for his nutritional awareness

The topic and misinformation about Dr. Kilmer McCauley in his 1969 book: The Homocysteine ​​Theory of Atherosclerosis, has been going on ever since, as the pharmacist laughed at Dr. McCauley, when he approached them and mocked him! All the cholesterol drugs they sold were based on greed, in my opinion, just like Purdue Pharma and 30 years of telling doctors their opioids are NOT addictive!

At the same time in the 1960s, the sugar industry had a campaign with “Pay” Scientists blame animal fats for cholesterol problems. This continues with replacing sugar for good fats in all kinds of foods, then deceiving people with the fat-free slogan! Our epidemic of obesity and diabetes among young people will only get worse if unaware parents continue to feed their children sugar-laden drinks and processed foods and become more lethargic!

I worked and retired from working in mental health, read Dr. McCauley’s book many years ago, and saw the connection between homocysteine, amyloid plaques in the brains of dementia/Alzheimer’s patients from other research I read.

This long history of greed associated with processed fast food, perpetrated by an unethical, unethical elite, considers the working class a consumer good that is exploited for their own gain, without legal consequences, because they are in control. The legal system!

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