Nutrition manager caught with meth at elementary school in Grovetown

The director of nutrition at Cedar Ridge Elementary School has been arrested on drug charges for allegedly bringing methamphetamine to school, according to Grovetown Public Safety Director Jamey Kitchens.

Kelly Niles was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug and transferred to the District of Columbia Detention Center.

Methamphetamine was first discovered in an employee toilet Wednesday morning, an area accessible only by a switch and not in an area used by students, Kitchens said. Also, the K-9 unit tracked more drugs into the manager’s car in the parking lot.

Grovetown Police were called to school Wednesday morning after methamphetamine was found in the restroom. The investigation led to Niles’ arrest.

“The K-9 Division of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office was asked to respond, at which time a search was conducted in the employee’s parking lot,” a press release read. “One of the dogs alerted the presence of narcotics in Mrs. Niles’ personal car, at which time a search revealed an additional amount of methamphetamine to the user inside the center console.”

spokeswoman Abigail Rimkus said Niles no longer works in the school district.

“The safety of students and staff is a top priority. The school is in the process of notifying staff and parents of the situation at this time,” Rimkus said in an email.

There hasn’t been a profile picture immediately available since Niles was transferred to the county jail at the time of this post.

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