No chicken patties for lunch? Southern California schools grapple with supply-chain shortages – San Bernardino Sun

supply chain issues Force Southern California school districts to reimagine their listings to make up for current and projected Popular nutrient deficiency.

hamburger; Chicken pies. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain these and other essential nutrients in recent times.

With labor shortages exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, food production and distribution industries have been hit, and bottlenecks at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are delaying the unloading of all kinds of merchandise.

As one San Bernardino County district says, because legacy vendors are burdened with demands from multiple school systems, demand for certain items is currently higher than supply.

And rest is still far away.

But there are mouths to be fed today, tomorrow and every day – for the rest of this school year.

Since the start of the 2021-22 academic calendar, Nutrition Services staff across Southern California have worked to ensure hundreds of thousands of students get the food they need, even if what was planned and what ends up changing from one minute to the next.

“We are working magic to make this happen,” said Riverside Unified School District spokeswoman Diana Mesa. But all schools do. There is a lot of preparation involved.”

Schools get creative with menus

Meza said the Riverside area serves about 32,000 meals a day, and while some shortages have made securing student favorites like hamburgers and chicken pies more difficult than ever, officials have been buying more local fruits and vegetables.

In recent months, district officials have had to shop for hamburger patties and chicken from different vendors – at a higher price than usual – to keep items on the menu.

If one seller ran out of something, it would be on the next seller.

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