New public safety gym debuts

Photography by Renee Landwitt
The new gym includes a stationary bike, elliptical machine, rowing machine, treadmill, Smith machine, electric rack and more.

GROSSE POINTE PARK – After the city council approved a donation from the Grosse Pointe Park Foundation on September 27, the Department of Public Safety finished revitalizing the gym and celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, November 18.

Lena Carlyle, president of the foundation, said she wants to donate the money to the Department of Public Safety’s gym because their job requires them to be physically fit and they deserve a good facility to allow them to stay in shape.

“Most police and fire departments across the country have state-of-the-art fitness centers and encourage officers to exercise regularly,” Deputy Director Jim Bostock said at the board’s September meeting. “The fitness room here in our Public Safety Department building is not only outdated, but some of the equipment is inoperable and sometimes dangerous.”

The board agreed to accept the donation at the September meeting and the Public Safety Department began renovating the venue.

Prior to the foundation’s donation, the Public Safety Gymnasium had tatami floors from a horse stall and interlocking floors as would be seen in a kindergarten or playroom; Mill pulled off the sidewalk. The equipment is falling apart.

Photography by Renee Landwitt
Director Brian Jarrell points out the atrocities committed in the old gymnasium of the Department of Public Safety, prior to the unveiling of the new gym being developed using money donated by the Gross Pointe Park Foundation.

Manager Brian Jarrell said, “In the days before Foundation Generosity, if guys thought, ‘We could really use some weight,’ or ‘We could use this kind of bars,’ their money to go buy it and then use it. And so you’ll see the transformation that the Foundation has (allowed) us to use. achieve it.”

Nearly $40,000 spent, the new gym has EPDM rubber flooring, a stationary bike, elliptical machine, rowing machine, treadmill, Smith machine, electric racks, weights and free weights. Yet to come, the leg squat machine and leg extension and twist machine, which are experiencing shipping delays.

The new TV and sound bar are the room additions.

The gym was open to public safety staff a few weeks later, and Jarrell said morale was high with comments about how much staff appreciated the new facility.


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