Life Time Digital Expands with Launch of Virtual Weight Loss Programs this Holiday Season

New new programming includes Life Time holiday bustle, a digital program designed to help people maintain healthy exercise and nutrition habits despite the hurdles of the festive season. Digital weight-loss programs that provide structure and accountability will be in high demand as the holidays and New Year’s Day approach: While 42% of US adults said they gained weight as a result of the pandemic earlier this year at an average weight. Gain an average of 29 pounds, according to the American Psychological Association.

Each lifelong weight loss program provides daily support, resources and motivation for anyone looking to start their health goals and live a healthier life. Expertly designed by Life Time’s team of registered dietitians and certified personal trainers. Software now included with Life Time Digital includes:

  • holiday bustle (the new): Learn a healthy way to eat, drink and be happy with recipes, exercises and tips that will help you stay on track during the holidays.
  • 60 days to 5 kilo (the new): For 8 weeks, you’ll learn smarter ways to fuel your body, train and recover so you’re not just ready to compete on race day – you’ll be able to celebrate when you cross the finish line successfully.
  • Sugar Fix (the new): A reset after the 10-day sabbatical is a great way to get back on track any time your sweet tooth gains the upper hand.
  • fit + focus (the new): If you’ve been working out but not getting results, this program will challenge you and change you with workouts that push your limits.
  • 60 days: Transform your body from head to toe with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes you’ll become a habit by the time the program ends
  • detox: A complete reboot of nutrition, this program helps identify food sensitivities by guiding you through an elimination diet step-by-step
  • Fluffy + Tone: Lose inches around your waist, hips and thighs with this strength training routine, which can be extended indefinitely for a longer program

“What sets Life Time in the weight loss space is our track record of nearly 30 years helping millions of people successfully achieve their goals. Because our holistic approach addresses the full spectrum of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and mental habits, we help people make sustainable change,” Amber Macmillan, Life Time Vice President of Fitness and Weight Loss says. “With Life Time Digital, we have the opportunity to positively impact millions of additional people through our approach to programming and wellness channels.”

Life Time Digital also offers targeted virtual workouts and weight loss programs created by certified personal trainers, on-demand and live-streamed lessons on every exercise movement, meditation programs, curated health and wellness content, and access to Apple Fitness+.

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