Hull FC’s Luke Gale gives encouraging fitness update

Luke Gale feels ‘ready to go’ after being given the go-ahead to join a full training session with the new Hull FC teammates.

The seasoned half-back made the move from Leeds Rhinos with a knee injury, keeping him out of West Yorkshire’s last few games of the 2021 campaign.

As such, the Black and Whites have taken a temporary approach with Gale, with his young half spending most of his first two weeks working with medical staff and adapting to the club.

However, he’s been slowly brought to the action recently, engaging in high-intensity workouts as he tackles those who will line up for him.

“I’ve been hired for the past two weeks and trained today (Saturday), which was 13 to 13 sessions,” Hull told Live.

“I feel good, I feel energized and it has been really good.

“I’m ready to go, I’m perfectly fit. The S and C staff, Paul Hatton, Calum (Christopherson) and Benno (Tom Bennett) were great and so were the physicists.

“We did two or three weeks of intense leg and knee training and it was really good.

“Pre-season is the time to do that kind of thing and I feel so rewarded with that now. Like I said, I joined the team on 13 on 13 and I felt energized and ready to go.”

Jill’s fitness will delight coach Brett Hodgson, who is hoping to have a motivating effect on his team as the season approaches.

The 33-year-old wasted no time in getting to know the team and some players have really caught his attention with their performance in training so far.

“I think everyone was great,” he said. “I’ve played with Scott Taylor a few times with England and I’ve been in the same position he was and he looks good, he looks fit.

“I’ve been doing my rehab with Jake and I know how great he is, and Jake is great.

“I think our whole team – Josh Griffin, you wouldn’t know he ruptured his Achilles because he trained home. The young boys have been great too.”


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