How Tribe is fighting to end modern slavery with running and nutrition

IShe started the 251km Marathon of Sands in Morocco in 2012. Three companies from the city got together during training to run six marathons in a row across the desert and realized that they all wanted to do something more important in their lives. After many kilometers and events, the tribe was born, but at that time, in Morocco, they were just young men with few commitments and a desire to push themselves to the limits. Then they began to find ways to push others to the limit and, most importantly, raise money to end modern slavery.

“We loved the challenge and the adventure and asked ourselves how we could top a marathon in the desert,” says Tom Stancliffe, co-founder of Tribe, via Zoom from their London offices. “The idea was, let’s see if we can go 1,000 miles. It just felt natural, in a not too volatile way, to keep stepping up and pushing ourselves further, and obviously the fundraising component was massive.”

The answer was “Running for Love”. In 2013, Stancliffe, Rob Martineau and Guy Hacking set out for 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from Ukraine to Croatia, raising £240,000 fighting child trafficking in the process and being joined at various times by around 250 people. Since then, Run For Love has become the annual memorial to the list of tribe events – which anyone can sign up for – that take place on different routes each year.

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