How to conquer gym intimidation

  • Enter with a plan. When you go to the gym without an exercise plan, it’s easy to walk around without getting much done. When you know exactly what equipment you want to use and for what purpose, it is much easier to go straight to it.
  • Use the buddy system. Working with a friend is a great accountability. It can help women feel more comfortable in the gym. Having someone you interact with while exercising helps time pass faster and more fun.
  • Find your favorite way to get around. If you don’t have a workout you enjoy, you probably won’t feel very motivated to go to the gym. Find out what type of exercise you like best so you can keep it up, whether it’s a group fitness class, circuit training, weightlifting, or running on the treadmill.

Easy your way to changes

If intimidation at the gym is a barrier to you, don’t let it stop you from exercising! “There are always other options,” Karf says. “You can search for Pinterest exercises at home, find videos online, and circle train with body weight exercises at home. The Internet is a great resource in finding more variation with exercise.”

Karf also advises women to find a training plan that is sustainable. “Sometimes people are excited and vow to run every day. Well, a lot of the time, it only lasts a couple of weeks or so, and then people get tired. Be committed to making your way towards changing your lifestyle.”

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