Gym gets green light to open 24 hours

Daniel Tweddle

Emergency workers can benefit from a late-night workout in Carlisle after council members unanimously stood with the gym owner in a discussion about opening hours with a planner.

The gym’s owner, Daniel Tweddle, spoke to the city council’s planning committee on Friday, asking members to remove restrictions on his company’s business hours.

Mr. Tweddle and business partner Dan Graham opened the Strength Shack in the Willowholme Industrial Estate in 2019, transforming the former auto showroom into a fully equipped gymnasium.

But a condition has been imposed on the planning order, restricting the gym to opening hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Speaking at the City Council Planning Committee, Mr Tweddle said a number of key workers such as police officers and ambulance drivers are training in the gym and may not be able to stay in the same hours.

Request a change in planning permission, allowing Strength Shack to operate for 24 hours.

He said: “More than 30 per cent of our members are from the NHS, the police and the ex-military. They use our facilities to de-stress after a difficult shift. People don’t just work six to ten, they work night shifts, they work days.”

“We think they should have the opportunity to get out and unburden the distress.”

Mr Tweddle noted that GPs prescribe physical exercise as a way to manage stress and mental health.

“It has been clinically proven that staying fit is one of the best ways to reduce this.”

The case officer’s reason for imposing the hours restrictions was to reduce the impact of noise on nearby residents.

He recommended that the hours 6am to 10pm remain in place.

Council members voted unanimously to approve Mr. Tweddle’s request despite the planning officer’s recommendations.

“I am not sure to support the officer’s recommendation on this because I am actually thinking of an industrial area, yes, there may be some residential properties near it, but it is not that close and they seem to have a policy There, when the music turns off at 10 am, people use their headphones etc.

“And I think it’s right to point out how people’s seizures have changed, there are no definite patterns anymore and it’s very close to the hospital.”

She pointed out that there are other gyms in the city that operate 24 hours a day, near the residential areas, including its pavilion.

Governor Keith Miller noted that other businesses in the industrial zone are not subject to restrictions on working hours.

Independent councilman Raymond Thénion said: “You have trains going right outside which are probably closer than the building itself.

“This city promotes healthy living and healthy city living, and I think we need to promote these kinds of places.

“The thing is, we probably stick to a policy that’s in place, but the policy isn’t static, we can go against that policy.”

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