Talented actor Jonette Sharma rose to fame with his acting chops in shows like Aladdin: Nam Toh Sona Hoga and Tera Yar Hoon Myin, who is a fitness freak to the core. And whenever he has time, he doesn’t miss going to the gym and working on his body. In a fun fitness segment, the actor revealed his workout routine, food cheats, and more

What is your food cheat?


Favorite exercise?

mixed martial arts

Fruits or juices?

the fruit

Stairs or elevator?


yoga or weightlifting


walking or jogging


Take health supplements

Certain supplements can help ensure that you get enough vital substances that your body needs to function. Others may help reduce disease risk. But supplements should not replace whole meals essential to a good diet

Best way to burn calories

Practice martial arts techniques. It works well for the whole body.

One daily fitness tip

Plan a workout for your day

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