Food & Nutrition Plan for 2022 discussed

Lahore: Secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care (P & SHD), Imran Sikandar Baloch, chaired a meeting with a delegation from the UNICEF Nutrition Mission in Pakistan here in the department’s office.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Nutritionist of Pakistan Dr. Antena Garma Minaz, Dietitian Dr. Saeed Qadir, Dr. Shafiq Rahman, Senior Nutrition Officer Dr. Azma Khurram Bukhari, Dr. Lucy and Consultant Dr. Agha Safdar.

The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss the 2022 food and nutrition plan, in which it was proposed to add the nutrition plan for each of the adult parents in the ongoing 1000-day Mother and Child Nutrition Program where both father and mother play. A major role in raising a healthy child.

The Minister of P & SHD expressed his views saying, “Stunting and wasting are two major problems of undernutrition in Punjab especially in the southern regions and these factors greatly influence the Child Health Index. Speaking about the initiatives taken to control undernutrition, the Minister of P & SHD said, “We Providing nutritional supplements to 62% of children over five years of age facing vitamin D deficiency across Punjab, assessment of micronutrient deficiency in children has been a very useful tool that has given valuable data for policy makers to devise effective strategies regarding malnutrition. “We are also looking at making legal and legislative changes to increase coverage of the nutrition program,” he said. The Human Capital Investment Program and the National Sensation Program serve the same purpose of fighting malnutrition. P&SHD in collaboration with UNICEF will create a reference program for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, on this matter.

The Minister emphasized the fact that the “Health for All” slogan can only be achieved if we eliminate malnutrition and for this, we want to cooperate with all stakeholders, UNICEF is helping us in building capacity to combat malnutrition while, we look forward to working on development plans in the coming days, IRMNCH is a vital part of our program and I am sure it will play a crucial role.”

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