Food industry investors call for mandatory nutrition reporting

The group, led by Rathbone Greenbank Investments, included the Legal and Public Investment Department, Aviva Investors and EOS at Federated Hermes – a full list can be found below.

This coalition called for new legislation on mandatory reporting of sales-weighted metrics, as recommended in the National Food Strategy.

This legislation covers manufacturers, wholesalers, large retailers and others with operations in the UK, with metrics including sales of foods and beverages high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS), sales of protein by species, sales of fruits and vegetables and food waste. .

He also called on the government to consider the full range of regulatory tools at its disposal to promote sustainability in the food system and to be “bold and ambitious” in its response to the “major social and environmental challenge” of the UK food system.

Thinking and Sustainability in the Long Term

The alliance agreed that well-designed regulation can create an essential enabling environment for companies seeking to build long-term thinking and sustainability into their business models.

Anna Taylor, Executive Director of The Food Foundation, said:: Taking action on the recommendations of the National Food Strategy must be a priority for the UK. Not only is our health deteriorating, as public spending on obesity-related ill health is set to continue to rise, but we will not be able to meet our climate commitments without working on sustainable food.

“We urgently need consistency in how food companies report on health and sustainability metrics, to make sure we have clear, industry-wide evidence of how the food sector is transitioning to sales of healthier and more sustainable food. To make that happen, we need government and investors to work together and help drive This shift to regular and transparent reporting.”


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