Danone Specialized Nutrition (Cambodia)Co., LTD (DSNC) empowers parenthood through parental policy

As part of the Danone Group, Nutrition Specialist Danone (Cambodia) launched its parenting policy that aims to support new parents during their first 1,000-day journey to becoming a father.

The Danone Parenting Policy was launched in Cambodia on January 1, 2020, and so far thirteen employees have received pre- and post-natal support and have taken extended parental leave to care for their newborns.

As part of its efforts to promote diversity and inclusive working conditions for new parents, Danone’s global policies provide parents with a family-friendly workplace that enables all employees to achieve work-life balance and fulfill family and work commitments.

Since most young children are raised in a family where both parents work and may have less time to care for their child, extended support through these policies can help parents in the critical phase of the first 1,000 days develop a relationship with their new child.

“People are our greatest assets. We care about them and we want them to take this precious time to spend and connect with their young children. It can be an overwhelming experience; therefore, we hope to support them by giving them enough time to adapt and connect with their children,” says Nuralis Mohamed Sharif, Director of Human Resources In India, Danone, Southeast Asia.

Key features of Danone’s parenting policies include but are not limited to prenatal support, extended parental leave and postpartum support.

Prenatal support It allows expectant mothers to take care of their health and the health of their babies. This support includes:

  • favorable working conditions,
  • Allocate leave to attend prenatal medical examinations,
  • And provide nutritional advice

Extended parental leave All parents are given fully paid leave to connect with the family and adjust to their new life and responsibilities. This includes the following:

  • Extended leave from ninety (90) consecutive days of fully paid leave to one hundred twenty-six (126) consecutive days of a full-paid primary caregiver (maternity leave)
  • Ten (10) working days of paid leave for a secondary caregiver (paternity leave) (with the flexibility to take leave within 6 months)
  • The same benefit is also extended to adoptive parents of children under six months of age

In addition toPostpartum support Such as job protections, return to work programs and flexible work schedules have also been extended to these new parents. To support exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life and continued breastfeeding thereafter, the company also provides in-office lactation rooms as well as breastfeeding consultations.

Normalis added: “We also want to create the best conditions to enable our employees to fulfill their desires, as successful parents and employees. We want to create a culture in which no employee is afraid to announce pregnancy or adoption and where we respect each employee’s personal choices.

Ms. Somaliy, Assistant Nutrition Officer for Healthcare, Danone Nutrition Specialist (Cambodia) said: “I am very grateful and happy that the company has always taken care of the employees especially with the new parental leave from 90 days to 126 days with full pay. This ample rest has given me enough time to get ready adequately mentally and physically before returning to work.Fully paid parental leave also supports the family’s economic security for my family during that time.

Ms. Narouen, Director of Nutrition Solutions for Healthcare, Danone Specialized Nutrition (Cambodia) said: “The friendly parent policy provides the best support for me to have more time to recover my health while on vacation. This policy allows me to take care of my child for the first few months and, most importantly, Breastfeeding my baby for its growth and development This ample rest allows me to build a special relationship with my newborn.

Mr. Sedath, HRBP, Danone Specialized Nutrition (Cambodia) said: “Paternity leave has helped me form very strong relationships with my child and wife during the time we spent together. I was able to provide emotional support and attendance during the difficult first days of child care. Together we learned about The child, how to raise the child, the approach we will take as parents, and how we are part of this process together.

Ms. Survia, Consultant Careline, Danone who specializes in nutrition (Cambodia) said: “Donone’s paternalistic policy is great because I was able to spend precious time with my child, and I can totally take care of her at this critical age. I feel very fortunate and secured with my job at Danone because she was fully paid during her maternity leave.It is really a pleasure to be able to work with such a good company that always cares about the welfare of the employees!

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