Children put at risk as Sydney gym sprayed with bullets in ‘disgusting’ attack, police say

Police say children were endangered when a Sydney gym was sprayed with bullets in a targeted attack this morning.

Police are investigating whether the shooting, which occurred around 8.40 a.m. at World Gym in Prospect, was linked to the Alamuddin and Hamzi families.

Murat Gulassi was shot in the leg during the attack, and was taken to Westmead Hospital where he remains in stable condition.

Superintendent Steve Eggington said Mr. Gulassi is not cooperating with the officers.

Superintendent Egginton described the attack as “disgusting” and said the gym had a nursery attached to it.

“A number of bullets fired by these violators have already entered the gymnasium and posed a great danger to those inside, including children,” he said.

“As we can all appreciate, innocent children [being] Getting involved in these situations is just totally repugnant.”

He said it was “somewhat unclear” how many perpetrators were involved, and that police believed those responsible were waiting for specific people to arrive at the gym.

When asked if the shooting could be related to the ongoing feud between the Alamuddin and Hamzi families in Sydney, Superintendent Egginton said: “This is one of the lines of investigation we’re looking at.”

Shawn Miles was working at a nearby factory and described hearing several shots.

“I was billing upstairs and then first I heard two shots and then six quick shots after that and it was so loud that it shook the turnstile,” he said.

“Then everyone ran out and then we saw the station wagon take off – I was surprised to see this happen in Australia.”

Sources close to the investigation claim that Mr. Gulassi is Alamuddin’s aide.


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