Büro Koray Duman creates spa for underground S10 gym in Manhattan

Birch plywood countertops and a pale pink sofa feature a members-only spa in Manhattan’s West Village designed by architecture studio Büro Koray Duman for celebrity coach.

The spa is located inside the S10 “gym” owned by coach Stephen Cheuk, and his clients include musicians Diplo and Joe Jonas. The facility’s name comes from the level of body fat — less than 10 percent — that Cheok recommends to its male clients.

S10 gym
The spa is located inside the S10 gym in West Village

The fitness club is spread over two levels in an old industrial building in West Village.

The ground floor contains a 600 sq ft (56 sq m) coffee and juice bar, while the lower level contains a 7,200 sq ft (669 sq m) healing gym and spa.

pale pink sofa
A pale pink sofa swaying through space

While designing the project, local firm Büro Koray Duman sought to maintain industrial qualities while providing a serene atmosphere within the spa.

“The overall design goal was to create a quiet, light-filled space to compare to the rigors of a gym,” the architects said.

White marble lobby desk S10
The lobby features a white marble desk

A staircase and elevator lead to the basement, where visitors face a lobby with a white marble desk and a slat wall made of Baltic birch plywood. Behind the slides, the facility’s name appeared in opaque, laser-cut plexiglass.

Just off the lobby is a rectangular fitness room, which features a black and white color palette and mirror-wrapped square columns.

wooden cabinets
Birch plywood spa room doors feature black numbers

The foyer also provides access to the spa, which is designed in an L-shape in plan. Members travel through the corridor and pass lockers, changing areas, bathrooms, and massage rooms.

Turning around, they discover an airy communal space lined with six private spa rooms. The space is decorated with a 1969 pink Verpan Cloverleaf sofa by Danish designer Verner Panton.

S10 black and white bathroom
The black and white color palette is repeated throughout the gym

The architects said the floor underfoot is white, and the upper semi-archs are meant to provide a “sense of progress and access.”

Similar to the hallway, the team used birch plywood for the doors and wall panels. The doors of the spa rooms feature a number of black films and are inserted into wooden slots.

Above the doors there are arched openings filled with polycarbonate, allowing light to pass through them.

Each spa room has its own steam shower, infrared sauna and deep bathtub. Design elements include warm cedar wood tones and clear glass with a clear coat.

Lighting valve Shining
LED lighting set on polycarbonate panels

Throughout the subterranean spa, the team focused particularly on lighting to make up for the lack of windows.

“Lighting was the most important component of the project,” the architects said. “We removed bright LED strips from the polycarbonate clad walls to make the space appear full of natural light.”

Underground Spa in Manhattan
S10 gym is located in the basement of an old industrial building

Büro Koray Duman also designed the fitness club’s coffee and juice bar, which was completed after the project was filmed.

Located in New York and Istanbul, the studio features a variety of projects that include a Brooklyn apartment with staggered bookshelves and a Greenwich pizzeria with an open kitchen and volcanic stone shelving.

Photography by Büro Koray Duman.

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