BigMuscles Nutrition Launches New Campaign ‘PerformanceHiPechaan’ with Brand Ambassador Ranveer Singh

Social media campaign showcases Ranveer Singh’s transformation with BigMuscles Nutrition Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir) BigMuscles Nutrition, one of the country’s leading nutritional supplement brands, recently launched a social media campaign #PerformanceHiPechaan with its brand ambassador and Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. . People often become synonymous with their performance. It is their performance that shapes their identity, Pehchaan. Celebrating the courage, hard work, struggles, journey and accomplishments of our performers, we bring you #PerformanceHiPehchaan – Initiative, Journey, Achievement and much more. Stay tuned for back-to-back performances, and whatever delays a performance leaves an imprint. The campaign video shows that Singh was frustrated and struggling to exercise at first. He has been seen losing his will to even lift weights. After learning from his defeat, Singh regains his motivation and becomes even more eager to overcome all odds and transform his body. Known for his solid performance, Ranveer has not only endorsed BigMuscles Nutrition since 2018, but has also been a loyal consumer of their products. He has credited his body transformations for his various movie roles with rigorous and consistent training, a balanced diet and BigMuscles Nutrition protein supplement. Speaking about the new product, Suhel Vats, Director of BigMuscles Nutrition said, “We launched BigMuscles in 2009 and it has emerged as the best nutrition supplement brand in India for the past three years and we hope to take the brand to the next level with this campaign encouraging India’s youth on believing that they are stronger than they think.” BigMuscles Nutrition began their journey twelve years ago, with the goal of bringing fitness to the masses and inspiring the country’s youth to be strong and fit. The brand often lends its support to aspiring bodybuilding athletes from all over India and also associates with major bodybuilding and fitness events in an effort to keep the fitness culture alive. By constantly improving the quality of their products over the past two years, BigMuscles Nutrition was recognized as a “Fitness Champion” by the Economic Times at BodyPower in 2018. They were also awarded “Best Asian Healthcare Brand 2017” by the Economic Times. Campaign Video – About BigMuscles Nutrition India The leading brand of nutritional supplements with a vision to facilitate smooth workouts that guarantee effective results. While manufacturing each product, they make sure that it is innovative, affordable and of high quality. With a range that includes everything from gainers to aminos, our nutrition undergoes multiple security checks and removes all necessary guidelines. With our experts’ research and extensive knowledge of the constantly dynamic industry, we are focused on making you fitter and better. So, prioritize fitness today and let’s take it from there! Image: Big Muscle Nutrition Brand Ambassador, Ranveer Singh Video: BigMuscles Nutrition X Ranveer Singh | Performance Hi Pehchaan PWR PWR

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