8 Best Folding Stationary Bikes for a Killer Work out at Home — Best Foldable Exercise Bikes

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In a perfect world, I would have a home gym filled with all the fitness equipment I could want and (aspire to) use. Weights, walking, squat machines, bikes—the only problem is that they take up a lot of space and I live in a tiny (read: smol) apartment. Try tears—but then chop it up fast because I just remembered there’s compact home gym equipment, including foldable (!) (!!) options that you can throw away when you don’t sweat (!!!).

I mean, yeah, the idea of ​​working out at home with some cool home gym equipment sounds great, and I could Technically, I give way to that if I rearrange a few things, but sometimes, I don’t want to see a huge metal machine sitting in my living room. spoil my feeling. So, enter: foldable exercise bikes that I can hide in a closet or behind my sofa when not in use. (Oh my gosh, I love technological advancements like these.)

Obvi, I had to consider this idea myself and am proud to report that I found eight of the best folding stationary bikes well worth your time and money. And in case you were wondering, nope, there are no great sport bikes here! Expect to get a real set of sweats every time with any of the picks below (one comes with resistance bands so you can sneak in some arm exercises, too). Go ahead and have a look! I am sure you will find one that fits your needs. Happy spinning!

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The best space saving bike

Compact exercise bike

If you are looking for something real dealThis little guy, Geicho. He may be small, but boy is he mighty. Do not believe me? Let its 8 levels of magnetic resistance convince you otherwise.


Best affordable bike

FB150 folding exercise bike

With nearly 16,000 glowing reviews and an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon, this bike is proof that you don’t need to spend a hella $$$ for a quality piece of equipment.


Best office bike

Sit2Go® Fitness Office Chair

If you’re a WFH veteran looking to elevate their desk posture, consider this exercise bike with built-in desk chair. Betcha it is much more comfortable than an old bike saddle.


Best fitness tracker bike

foldable exercise bike

Calling all who want to up their fitness game! This stationary bike comes with pulse sensors and an app (free) so you can easily track your progress from the comfort of your phone.


The best quiet bike

indoor cycling bike

Real Spinners know that cardio bikes can be pretty annoying. Not that though! The Ativafit cycling promises a smooth and quiet ride, which means you can finally hear your hard-earned workout playlist or work out in the wee hours of the night without waking up your neighbors and roommates. calendar!


Best bike to work from home

desk exercise bike

Fitness-loving workaholics, rejoice! Now you can do two of your favorite things (or sneak in a stealth midday workout) with this bike that comes with a tabletop attachment.


The best comfortable bike

Gold 525XLR Folding Exercise Bike

Traditional bike saddles don’t do that for you? I do not blame you! This bad boy here comes with a wide seat and long backrest, so you can really feel trapped as you spin away.


best hybrid

Slim Cycle Fixed Bike

Introducing an exercise bike with built-in resistance equipment so you can get by Both This cardio and strength training exercises in. We love a good two in one!

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