43 Best Cyber Monday Fitness, Health, Home Gym, Outdoor Deals (2021)

Theragon Wave Roller.

Photo: Therabody

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Part percussive device, part foam roller, the wave is good for general exercise recovery or muscle relaxation. For affordable Theragun products designed to select specific areas, Solo for $59 ($20 off) or Duo for $79 ($20 off) might be better options. Read more about it here.

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When it comes to the price, the SKG F5 is a great massager that provides heat as well as road therapy. There are three attachments and three intensity levels. It’s on sale all the time, but we’ve never seen it sell for less than this.

Arguably the Elite D9 has quite a few intensity levels and attachments, but for those interested in truly customizing their day-to-day muscle therapy, it might be the best option. This price is the best price WIRED has tracked since last April.

AmazonAnd best buy

Stop slouching! Did that make you sit up straight? Well, this device (8/10, WIRED recommendations) may help improve your posture. It sticks to your back via duct tape (or knots) and vibrates when your back reaches a certain angle that you calibrate in the accompanying application (kind of like a shock strap, minus the shock part). Wired reviewer Media Giordano says it’s the only device that got her thinking about her posture even when she’s not wearing it.

Bicycles and accessories

Cycling can be gear-intensive, especially if you use your machine as a commuter or commuter. Check out our guides to the best bike locks, best bike accessories, and best Ebikes.

Probella 7-Speed ​​Electric Bike (V4)

Photo: Propella

Propella is my favorite budget ebike for all those I’ve tested on WIRED. The components are high-quality, the bike weighs 37 pounds—that’s light for an e-bike—and its looks don’t scream “ebike.” Review editor Parker Hall gave it an 8/10 and a WIRED Recoses Award in his review of the very similar V3.2 model last year.

I gave the more expensive Freedom X model 7/10 in my review for its good looks, stronger-than-usual acceleration, and low weight of 39 pounds. The Freedom 2 has all of these things minus the torque sensor and integrated LCD. Both are good models, but between the two I recommend you save $200 and go for Freedom 2.

The Lectric XP is the best affordable electric bike. When we reviewed the original (7/10, WIRED recommends), we praised its smooth ride and solid range. The 2.0 lowered engine has a smoother ride, wider handlebars, and improved overall comfort, plus baked-in water resistance. This bike is heavy, but the deal is great, especially since it has an excellent headlight, bike lock, and a few other accessories.

Apollo ghost.

Photo: Apollo

Apollo Ghost (8/10, WIRED Recruitment) usually costs $1,699, so this deal gives you a free Apollo Air. Commentary Editor Julian Chukato loves the Ghost for its speed and power. The Air Pro won’t run as fast and suffer from very limited range, but it’s still a solid entry-level e-scooter. Apollo Ghost alone is also discounted for $1,399 ($200).

REI (select colors $60)And hazelnut

The Street is a sharp looking helmet for those who don’t want to look like a weekend racer. Many Nutcase helmets now come with a MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact System). It’s padding inside the helmet allows for some rotation to absorb energy and reduce the risk of rotational brain injury. The Nutcase Vio is also $120 ($30 off). It has 360 degrees of LED light coverage for those of you who don’t have (or want) to install bicycle headlights and taillights.

Arkel has a full line of bags that can be attached to the big shelves, from the carry-on laptop to the grocery shopper. All of them use Arkel’s premium attachment system which prevents the bag from shifting and flopping while riding. These Canadian-made bags are very expensive, so take advantage of this rare sale.

Camping and hiking deals

Swing by our wide range of hiking and camping guides, like all the gear you need to start hiking, the best camping stoves, the best tents, and a gift guide for the outdoors.

Single stove fire.

Photo: REI

Cutting wood towering over a fire is a lot of fun, but finding plenty of dry wood takes serious time. A smokeless single stove requires less wood than an open fire and burns more fully, and allows fewer sparks to deflect, which is an important consideration if you’re setting it up in a backyard or a wooded camping site. Assistant Commentary Editor Parker Hall fell in love with the Yukon’s older model.

MoosejawAnd Backcountry ($85)

Canister stoves may be locked into the market for ease of use, but white liquid-fueled gas stoves like the WhisperLite offer more versatility, especially internationally, where isobutane canisters are less available. The WhisperLite is a quieter (but not ultra-quiet) version of the esteemed MSR’s dependable camp stove.

You can get a large selection of bottles, mugs and travel mugs from Hydro Flask. The brand appears in the best reusable water bottles and best travel mug guides, because they are generally sturdy and don’t leak.

Titanium is a stalwart at the same time, and because of its often high price tag, it serves as a springboard in the hiking community. For about $50, this deal on a Titan Kettle from MSR offers lightweight cookware within the slightly cheaper (but heavier) steel range. The Titan kettle is thicker and sturdier than the (also awesome) competitors Evernew and Toaks.

AmazonAnd King

Hook up a rest during a day picnic, snooze between two trees in your own backyard, or spend a night outdoors under the clear sky. The two-person nylon hammock weighs just 19 ounces, yet supports up to 400 pounds of snugglin’. This is also a selection in our stress relief gift guide.


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