10 Hardest Pokemon Gym Leaders, Ranked from Hard to GameBoy Out the Window

10. Brock

Pokemon gym leaders Brock

It’s a bit strange to say that Brock is one of the toughest gym leaders since he had his very first gym fight in the early Pokemon games. But depending on what kind of starter you choose, these rock/ground types can absolutely crush you.

Good luck to all owners of the original Charmander in Red and Blue as this Pokemon doesn’t budge Brock’s Geodude, Onix, and the Five Full Heals. You can pick up a Caterpillar or Nidoran and grind to level up high enough to beat the challenge, but that will take forever against the lower level Pokemon that exist before their Pewter City Gym.

A much easier solution here is to choose Squirtle or Bulbasaur in the original games. To those who stuck to it and persevered, I salute you and soon-to-be Schreuzard for your bravery.

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